Now that the last “big” or should that be the “biggest” maths exam board has been accredited looking at the specimen papers can begin, so hopefully you’ll find this post useful. Someone once said to me that part of the decision-making process will be about how close the exam boards interpret the technical spec published by Ofqual to what is required by them – their rationale being that they would want to choose an exam board that was thinking along the same lines as Ofqual as there wouldn’t be any nasty surprises when it came to the first real exam.

With this in mind I wanted to look at the changes that the boards had to make following them all getting bounced back by Ofqual following their first submission, so I’ve been looking at how much has changed with the Edexcel and OCR papers. The marvellous Hannah (@missradders) has already done some work on the changes between AQA’s original papers, which you can find here too —> Ideas for the classroom

Below you will find the annotated papers for Edexcel and also for OCR to get you started for you to make up your own mind (I have included at the end of each of them the questions that have been removed just for reference); Note they aren’t the prettiest thing I’ve ever made but you’ll get the idea!

Foundation Paper 1                                                Higher Paper 1

Foundation Paper 2                                               Higher Paper 2

Foundation Paper 3                                               Higher Paper 3



OCR Foundation Paper 1                                     OCR Higher Paper 1

OCR Foundation Paper 2                                     OCR Higher Paper 2

OCR Foundation Paper 3                                     OCR Higher Paper 3