Yesterday’s maths conference organised by La Salle Education was amazing … so much so that I am exhausted from the adrenaline rush of the excitement, and haven’t even started to catch up with tweets and emails as I went out to dinner with my husband when I got home. (If you do want a copy of the presentation mail me or Seager: Mel@ or Christian@  followed by ) and my phone had died at one point during the day, and I’m sure I could hear it screaming “no more, no more … I can’t cope!” as it threw out a little puff of smoke and died on me. Don’t worry though it has rested overnight and seems OK this morning.

One of the greatest things about these events is to put faces to names but alas I always come away thinking that I wanted more time to just chinwag and also regretting not having had the time to speak to so many other people. Next time next time!! I have been tweeting/blogging now for about two years and I have met so many amazing people in real-life and events like yesterday reinforce to me that “we” (by which I mean you too!!) at the coalface have some of the answers if only we were more involved in the discussions made “on high”. On a personal note I have made some truly amazing friends through twitter and just wish there was more time to catch up but we must do something before Christmas (You know who you are!! #geekclub).

The other thing that these events provide is “blogpost fodder” and the key note speech was no different. It’s not that I disagree with all the stuff that was said – I am cynical and don’t just blindly accept someone’s interpretation of data or a situation and neither should you! So I’ve already started writing the following posts and I’ll have them up later:

  • Maths hubs again! – Don’t worry it’s not that bad
  • Shanghai is not a country … don’t you know that?

Additionally some of you asked for more information about a couple of things so rather than just post the documents without an explanation I’ve started writing more detailed information about these below and they’ll go on the blog tonight:

  • One to one tuition – how it’s worked in the past and also how we’re introducing it this week at Alcester Academy.
  • Transition matrices.

Whilst I’m listing posts, I’ve also got a half-finished one about the new GCSE Specs especially now that Edexcel are accredited looking at the changes between original sample assessment material and the final versions… let’s call this a sort of “spot the difference” for all the exam boards.

So apologies in advance for the deluge of posts later but I have to get this crap out of my head … I find that I am less outraged about stuff when it’s written down (cheap therapy!!); in the meantime I have to catch up on doing the normal “housewifey” things like shopping and washing clothes oh and I might get down my lottie too. A bit of digging is due methinks.