depI got in a couple of hours ago from a parish meeting and having open evening last night which was a late one means that I am currently sat here zombie-like and procrastinating. You know that feeling where you have loads to do, but can’t see the wood for the trees … well, that! Just that!

So much happening … arrrrghhh!!!

Actually it’s all good and I love the “manicness” – I do worry that I am in danger of caffeine overload! I have developed a new measure of “a good day “: as long as the number of things added to my list is less than the number of things that I am actually ticking off it then it’s been a good ‘un! Last night after I got in I managed to set up all the students in the school up on three websites and also do a mail merge with all their passwords (including the student login to JustMaths Online) on a slip that they have glued into their planner … and I MUST remember to get something put in the parent mail this week telling parents about this too!

One of the things that has happened this week is that we’ve placed an ad for a maths teacher HERE’S THE AD to join the team. Before you think it! I have not upset anyone … it’s just that we have one teacher who is on a temp contract until Christmas (and possibly longer??) and another on a one year contract. I’ve blogged about recruitment before (HERE) and about the difficulty in recruiting good maths teachers so you can imagine how it felt to find out that we’ve already had an applicant!! Yay!! It may be that things are a’changing but I suspect that it is more to do with the type of school and not because there is a massive glut of teachers looking for jobs … or maybe they’ve heard how amazing I am to work with (I can hear Seager saying “yeah and they’re running in the other direction” – he thinks he’s a comedian!)…. by the way I am not that arrogant … it WAS a joke!?!?

The ideal candidate will also take on responsibility for numeracy across the whole school too, and after Christmas (when we’ve settled in a bit more) I’d like them to run with the idea of going for it big style with Timestables Rockstars! (I need to persuade someone to pay the massive subscription now … £42 a bargain! Boss? Deputy Dawg?). I was even talking to Seager about setting up a rock-band made up of teachers and possibly even a Governor or two to compete against the students in the summer as part of red carpet week. Fluency with timestables is fundamental to overcoming so many misgivings in maths, and I love the idea of introducing a fun element too.

Right .. that’s it … I’m off to see if I’ve won that inflatable guitar and rockstar wig on ebay!