For those of you that have key stage 5 and use Edexcel as your exam board I have attached below some templates for you to import your ResultsPlus data into – particularly useful for those students carrying on into year 13.

I did notice that the data download from Edexcel for KS5 didnt include the topics for each question or in this case subquestion which is odd, so I’ve taken the topics from a quick scan of the papers – you may want to change to suit your SOW.

2014 06 CORE 1 – June ResultsPlus

2014 06 CORE 2 – June ResultsPlus

2014 06 Decision 1 – June ResultsPlus

2014 06 Mechanics 1 – June ResultsPlus

The marvellous Steve Colebourne (@MrColebourne) has just sent me a version of the core 1 sheet with a “print all” button .. I didn’t include the function as we had such small classes anyway but I know that’s not the case for everyone! Remember to enable macros when opening:

2014-06-CORE-1-June-ResultsPlus with Print all button

I have to find the others and will be on here shortly (next half hour!!)  … moved all my files onto an external drive and can’t find a thing!!