It’s the day before the start of term and last year I wrote about my main worry being getting my feet that had somehow turned into hobbit feet, back into “proper” shoes after six weeks in flip flops. I did have another worry and that was maybe I would have forgotten how to teach. It has been the same every summer and today is no different.

Ok, so it’s a bit different … having documented my fears last year I know that the teaching bit will come back to me and I will get my feet into shoes. However, tomorrow morning I will be driving in a different direction and will be the “newbie” … there is a little part of me that is nervous, apprehensive and even scared. Silly isn’t it?

There are things I can overcome by finding out “stuff” – I’m a little uncertain about new policies and procedures but it’s all the other stuff that most of you will be taking for granted tomorrow when you settle into your familiar routines. Silly things, such as what if I park in someone else’s parking space (they aren’t allocated like the old school!), or sit in someone else’s seat in the staff room or even where the closest loo is to my classroom (got to get your priorities right!).

In addition to moving to a new school, the department has moved location within the school. Back in the Summer our planned NQT pulled out of his contract and left us somewhat in the lurch, but was quickly sorted by our new gaffer – so in terms of the team, we have 2 new teachers (both Scientists) and two assistant heads, (with the teaching load that goes with that), and trusty Karen, our TA.

We have so much going on (JustMaths Online/Top 40 has gone mental!) and working with other people doing “stuff” that staying at our previous school could have been an easy option – we knew “the score” and had nothing to prove. The results this year were once again in the 80’s and 20+% above target, showing phenomenal levels of progress but we want to prove that we aren’t “one trick ponies”, and that is why I’ll be blogging the $h1t out of our journey – good and bad! It’s a brand new setting and what will be weird is knowing that some people at the school read this blog – just don’t approach me saying you don’t agree with what I said in this or that, or any other post as I just type whatever comes to mind. I call it my “blogging Tourette’s”.

Anyway, I have a list as long as my arm and the more I think about tomorrow, the more nervous I am getting. I know it’s natural but that really doesn’t help right now … So to all you teachers starting out on a new adventure this week: I salute you and am wishing you all the luck in the world. Savour every moment.

It is exciting!

PS: In answer to a query that I’ve had a fair few times: What happens to JustMaths … JustMaths doesn’t change – Seager, Fize and I will continue as normal … it’s just that Fize will be at one school and the other two or us will be at our new school, which is Alcester Academy (strangely enough it’s in a town called Alcester). It’s a school with a different profile to our last one and we wanted a new challenge and to prove what we do works in a different setting (I am sure we can find some more hours in the day). The great thing is we get to do start this new chapter together so let’s just hope we don’t fall out (too much!!)

**now I’m off to find my shoes … this might hurt**