Here are the templates for you to use with the download data for the 1MA0 papers from Edexcel. along with the usual instructions about importing your data into the workbooks (here). There is also an additional version with some extra functionality to print multiple sheets (the brilliant Paul Pavlou (@UKMathsTeacher) did some tweaking on my original ones last year and so there are two versions for you to choose from:

Original Versions:

Macros2Version 2.0 with funky macros:

You must enable macros when asked on opening the two below – This “with macros” version  includes 2 “buttons” that allows you to create a tab for each of your students or to create the tabs and print them all off.

I will also put putting it in the Teacher Toolkit and Google Drive too – some of you who get these from me on email will also get them in your mailbox.

In other exciting news I’m also doing the ones for C1, C2, etc later this evening for those of you that teach A level maths … enjoy!