This is a “bitty” blog post as I would have liked to have ranted / discussed (come on Mel you can’t discuss with yourself!) reflected on the feedback from Ofqual about the draft Maths GCSEs but I’m unable to do that as we are still waiting. Last week (Thursday I think!) the exam boards were expecting feedback from Ofqual about their draft GCSE’s and I am surprised that as of yet we’ve heard nothing, nada, zip in terms of press releases or letters to the examining bodies from Ofqual being published … so we wait! There are rumours abound but it’s not right to spread them … so we wait and then I’m hoping there will be some “blogging gold” if/when the feedback is made public.

In other news I’ve updated the year 7 and 8 SOW document on the below post or following this link >>> CLICK ME  (scroll down to the bottom) so that it now  includes units 1 AND 2 so that at least I have a paper version to give our new department (all of it is based on the collaborative SOW so like I’ve said before when its done I’ll get it on the SOW website). As it is still very much a work in progress and we will all be teaching the same topics with these year groups me and Seager discussed today getting them printed io A3 (and sorry new boss but I’d like it in colour too … got to be worth a try at pushing my luck!) and on the wall of the maths office, so that we can make notes about resources and/changes to the document etc as we go along (and I’ll do the donkey work of updating the document!). When it’s done I will also put the word version on so that you can add your own school logos etc and also make any changes as you see fit.

Finally I’ve been sending out invites to google drive to what was 300+ people using my dropbox (now down to 250+) as I’ve just about had enough of the way that dropbox produces duplicate files and you can’t allocate access rights to specific people so that files can’t be deleted. Look out for the invite if you have been using dropbox … this could take some time!!