Just a quickie … I’ve been putting together another “nitty gritty” worksheet this morning and have decided to put them all in one post rather than hidden in other posts where I’m waffling (don’t laugh at that point as if you know what I mean!). The idea behind these are that they focus on the basic numeracy skills, such as addition, subtraction etc and we’ll be looking to use them either as homework or my preferred way is that they are sent home to parents (one a week, in addition to homework) to year 7, 8 and 9 parents as a way to refresh their skills too and hopefully overcome some of that “I can’t help my child do their homework as I can’t remember how to do it myself!” fear that parents often get. They could also be used as work for the students to do over the Summer break that isn’t too taxing but keeps them “doing” some maths.

Each of them has a “how to” section and increasingly difficult questions on the second page – along with jumbled up answers at the bottom so they are also self checking.

 01 – Addition and Subtraction

02 – Adding Decimals

03 – Subtracting Decimals

04 – Multiplication by 10,100,100 – Part 1 (I don’t want to get into the “add a zero argument” so don’t start one with me!)

05 – Division by 10,100,100 – Part 1

06 – Multiplication (you will have your preferred method and some people will introduce the grid method, but I find that once the students have grasped that they are quite happy to move onto the column method so I’ve shown both! … other methods are available … again I’m not up for an argument over it!)

More on the way … I’ll also be putting them in the extras folder on JustMaths Online