best GuessOk …  lets make it clear there is no guarantee that any of the topics we’ve included in this resource, will come up in paper 2 – (Edexcel Linear) we have no secret “ins” and I haven’t got a mole, we are using what is called our “professional judgement” – which in the past has been pretty good!  A couple of notes:

  • HIGHER TIER: – The “best guess” paper (HERE) is a collection of 100 marks from topics that are accessible by the majority of students. We obviously can’t include all the topics that haven’t been examined yet  … but have gone for the “big hitters” in our opinion (which if you’re really interested I’ve included my “List” of Higher topics here)
  • I am sure that many of you will come up with your own list of “must revise topics” that may or may match mine (you are entitled to your opinion) but as an aside I would also have liked to have included: Sine/cosine rule, General formula for area of a triangle, Upper & Lower Bounds and Quadratic Formula.
  • FOUNDATION TIER – I’ve also put  together a “best guess” paper based on past Foundation paper topics (HERE) and also a few “must revise” lists that I saw on Twitter. To be honest some of you will have a better grasp of this tier as we only use it for a handful of students (its been a decision we made to use primarily the higher tier!) but looks pretty good to me.

Right … I’m off to get this emailed to all of year 11!