I’ve been looking over the draft specification and sample assessment material from Edexcel (sorry guys, your turn!) and immediately came across this (paper 3 question 19):

Edexcel Q19

My initial reaction was that it is probably covered in the programme of study under the section that reads “interpret and construct tables, charts and diagrams” however I had a vague recollection that at some point “stem and leaf” was assumed as prior key stage three knowledge and wouldn’t necessarily be examined. My vagueness was then confirmed as Twitterworld pointed me in the direction of a document from Edexcel themselves (here), where it clearly states that stem and leaf has been omitted, so why does it appear in the draft sample questions? I hear you asking.

Omitted content

Obviously I couldn’t leave the question hanging in the air and today I have had confirmation from Graham Cumming, (the man himself!) that the document stating stem and leaf has been omitted needs updating as there have been several additions and omissions since it was published and they are now on the case. It does however, feel a bit like poor stem and leaf is doing the “hokey-cokey” … one minute it is out, then in … who knows?!?

The message at this stage I would want to get over to everyone is that until any of the qualifications are accredited by Ofqual nothing is set in stone apart from the programme of study which is open to some interpretation and so even though we’ve seen drafts from the main exam boards, lots (and lots) still might change.