I have spent the last hour doing what can only be described as one of the best things I have ever done as a teacher … and no! its not enjoying the time off!

In January our students sat a mock maths exam and after my set 2 had done the usual “red, amber, green” analysis of their papers and “things I did well” and “what I need to improve” I asked them to write a letter to themselves about how they were feeling with their result and what they would say to themselves if it was the “real thing” they were looking at in terms of the overall result. I asked them to consider if they felt that they had done enough revision and what they would do differently. Once the letters were written, they were placed in envelopes and addressed to their home address.

These letters are sat in front of me unopened and for each student I have written a personal note. I have taught most of them for three years and I want to leave them with something to think about as they approach the final stretch to their last exam. The cynical part of me is thinking that it is a bit of emotional blackmail, but I also want them to leave knowing that these last few weeks are important.

Tuesdays job is to get them agreed by our HT and then posted out along with the students own letter to themselves to arrive at their houses before their last (the exam timetable kicks in the week after next) proper maths lesson with me.