I have been keeping a low profile this week for a number of reasons, one of which for the last couple of days has been flu .. not your run of the mill “man flu” but proper red nose, snot streaming, coughing … you get the idea? I could go on if you don’t!

The main reason however is that I had a job interview, and as it turns out so did Seager. The good news is that we have both got new jobs from September … yay!! ( I can hear you cheering for us!).  We’ve worked together for five years and know each other that well – we really are a “dream team” and his strengths are my weaknesses, and my strengths make up for his (not that he admits to having any, but trust me he does!). We know when to switch the “good cop – bad cop” roles just by looking at each other, and it sounds corny but we really do know each other that well … it’s sad but true … I suppose you can guess where this is going can’t you?

Well surprise!!!! We’re actually BOTH going to be moving to the SAME school as each other! The team stays together and have new challenges ahead, which is so very exciting and I will post more about this over the weekend (I’ll possibly wait until contracts are signed!) Of course we’re sad about leaving but the time just feels right for both of us … different type of intake, including years 7 and 8 (so funnily enough I am now going to be so much more interested in key stage 3!!) and ripe for us to prove what we do works in a new environment.

In the meantime we’re going to do what we can to find replacements and I’m more than happy for anyone to email me (mel@justmaths.co.uk) for an informal discussion 🙂