It’s that time again. Every break I spend a couple of days winding down then switch off completely for a few days and before I know it the end of the holidays are here and I have a mad mild panic thinking about everything I should have done … and this holiday has been no different.

Last term was sombre for a number of reasons and the holiday has been much needed – I’ve been able to reflect about  the last 12 months and preparing myself to get through the next few months too. If you aren’t aware (why would you be?!?) this time last year I was having to deal with the fact that the end was getting ever closer for my dad. I have had to deal with so many “firsts” without him this year and Easter is particularly tough for me – I was born on Easter Day and given that my dad was nearly 50 when I was born I have always been really close to him, but I made a promise that I am proud to say I was able to fulfil – I did write about it here if you are so inclined. I’m not an openly sensitive person in terms of talking about feelings –  that’s not to say I’m unemotional – in fact its the complete opposite – think “hot headed” Mediterranean, I just get very passionate about things I believe in, and my major failing is that I can’t keep my gob shut if I don’t believe in something! I suppose I have my parents to thank for that!

On a much lighter note, I’ve been doing some work and that includes making a “to-do” list … you know how I like my lists!! The first job was to collate all my lists from the back of receipts and post-it notes that are scattered in my kitchen, living room and by the side of my bed into one looooonnnnng list. This list is a “work in progress” and I’ve had to shuffle all the work stuff along in terms of order of priority this morning as I realise there are more important things to do:

  • Find work shoes and check I can still get my feet into them. Flip flops at work are just soooo not acceptable! (not that I know that personally of course … I’ve just heard about someone else being pulled aside and “havin’ a word”)
  • Finish marking books … ok … that should read “start marking”. I wonder if I can get away with just giving everyone a new book?? …. probably not!!
  • Practice getting up at 7am. OK so this isn’t going to happen until Monday.
  • Find work clothes. Maybe I should practice wearing normal clothes for a day or two … that includes (ooh err Missus!) finding a bra! I’m sure I have one somewhere!
  • Sober up … I’ll be honest – that’s a joke! I only drink every few months, and its never “my fault” … I am just very easily led astray!. But I did manage to lose a day or two this holiday having spent some time with my best mates and my godchildren (the kids weren’t drinking!)
  • Start talking like a teacher and have a “no swearing” weekend. It will make the chances of saying the wrong thing next week less likely. 

So I have plenty to be getting on with … now where do I start? Oh I know … I’ll start tomorrow! Oh bugger I’m in school tomorrow (that makes 3 days out of 10 that I’ve been in! … have I had a holiday?)