A few good menActually I’m not bothered if you are a man or a woman! Oh how wrong that sounds! But it’s better than my original idea for the post which I’ll reveal below … the only requisite is that you are a maths teacher.

Most of you will know that I tweet past paper questions and answers as @ReviseJustMaths and basically I’m making this offer for ideally, 6 people (1 for each day of the week – if you miss a day its not a biggie, so don’t want people to fret about the committment) who will be able to tweet about 3 questions and answers a day. I think its a really useful thing to do in terms of having an impact with those students for whom revision is a dirty word, and I keep getting requests to tweet certain types of questions which I just can’t keep up with. Also with others doing it, we will also have different methods being used which is always a good thing. The reason for the offer/request is that I’ve already been approached by a couple of people to share the reins and I’m wondering if anyone else would like to do it to.  

Let me know mel@justmaths.co.uk and if possible let me know what day of the week you’d like!

PS: It means that I’d give you my user name and password for the Twitter account (its really easy to switch between accounts on the iPad or phone versions) and you’d need to promise not to tweet anything other than the questions and answers obviously!  – I’d also go through the process of how I produce the images (there may be a better way!)

PPS: My original idea was to give this blog post the title “Who wants to wear Monday’s pants?” using this image!!

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