eliminationisbannedLet’s just say that today was an awful day and not one I want to repeat. I’m not going into detail but I’ve come home and feel immensely proud of our students and am proud to be part of such a professional and compassionate teaching staff. Lets just leave it at that.

Anyway, observation was cancelled and so want to share what I would have done (thank you twitterworld for proof reading a new whodunnit). My set 1 in year 11 are doing simultaneous equations involving linear and quadratics, so this one is aimed at A/A*. I’ll warn you … we didn’t finish this today so will be doing the where/when next lesson and I suspect I’ll have to do quite a bit of scaffolding in terms of factorising where “a” is not 1 and also reminding them about the quadratic formula. To be honest I think I “overpitched” the ability, and have been mulling it over and arguing with myself that some of the students were ready to move on, and so am just not sure if it was too difficult. It’s such a fine balance between “challenging” and “just too darn hard!”

If you’re interested I’ve copied my notebook slides onto powerpoint (here), so the presentation isn’t brilliant but it’ll do (as I don’t think I can upload notebook files) but most importantly :

  • the whodunnit is here
  • the answers are here

Hopefully I’ve attached the right files this time … not thinking straight!!