evil examinerI’ve now spent an hour looking for a post I was sure I’d written and still cant find it. I am almost positive I’ve written it – the good thing is that I have rediscovered the activity and am going to use it next week with year 11. Yay!! Less planning tomorrow, which is a good thing, as I’m actually out this evening – having a night away. Oooh get me!!

Anyway the thing I was looking for was an activity (I’ve attached the ppt file – here) that uses picture prompts to get the students to write their own exam questions … I used the “evil examiner”, whereby they had to develop the worst question they could possibly imagine based on the images. It is quite an “open” task so I feel better suited to my top end students who require less structure (whilst remaining “on task” – I do know that if I invested the time into all my ability groups I could get them all to approach such a task equally well, but that’s another discussion for another day!), but it could be adapted to provide some scaffolding for all students.  I’m also going to use it in conjunction with this activity from a previous blog post (Developing a markscheme revision task) where the students have to develop a markscheme to try to get them to think about where marks are awarded.

Would you guess we’re on the home stretch towards their final exams!!