Conference 2A couple of weeks ago “we” got an email asking if “we” could step in and do a slot at next weeks maths collaborative meeting (think the old HOD meetings, but much, much, much better!), and “we” agreed that “we’d” do something about the new GCSE, and our plans as a school to start teaching our new intake from September.  Did you notice how I said “we”? what I actually meant was: Seager got an email, and agreed that I’d do the slot (I can tell you now he isn’t getting away with doing nothing!). Last week we got another email asking if either or both of us, would be up for doing some filming about preparing for the new GCSE for Pearson in London and once again I’ve managed to get roped into it.

Then this week a flyer was passed to Seager from our Headteacher – I’d almost forgotten that we had agreed to do it, as it was many months ago when we were approached but it’s another thing to look forward to. Generally Seager is the one that gets to go on these “jollies” – he loves getting up in front of people and is brilliant at it. Those that read this blog regularly will have formed an idea of me, some of you have met me and those ideas were either blown out of the water or just affirmed further and I suspect that were you asked to put into words your impression of me it may include the word “confident”. In reality I get quite nervous when I think about standing up in front of other teachers; I’m fine doing it and afterwards it’s a great feeling but the weird thing is that this was never the case in my previous careers. Standing up in front of 100’s of people was always a buzz, but for some reason I find standing up in front of you lot, is a whole different kettle of fish.

This links to an email I got this week, thanking us for doing JustMaths and went on to say that they had been reenergised  after 11 years of teaching – as a result of conversations and this blog they had joined Twitter and come to realise that there are so many people prepared to offer help, support and advice. This mail was humbling and I was genuinely touched. I suspect my nervousness stems from the fact that I still feel that I have so much more to learn and wonder why other teachers would want to listen to me when I am so blatantly “still learning”, but maybe that’s the point … as teachers should we always  be “still learning”?

If you want more information about this event go to Teachology Conference  – there are some major Twitter legends presenting too (eek! I think the best thing is to not think about it!). If you manage to sweet-talk your way into attending please do come and say hi.