I’ve just spent a very satisfying two hours digging at my lottie – now don’t get me started as I can be an “allotment bore”. I’d forgotten how nice it was to get out in the fresh air, but despite that, I felt guilty not doing any work (obviously not that guilty, or I’d be working and not blogging!). I’m not the only one, and teaching is genuinely one of those jobs that you can always find something to do and as a result we can sometimes get stricken with “teacher guilt”. It can strike at any time, but is more likely to occur when ill or doing something “non-work” related.

Genuinely though, I’ve come back refreshed and it was lovely. I had time to think about my brother who used to come and visit me to help out with the digging – this weekend marks the second anniversary of his fatal motorbike accident. Whilst it is tragic, I take a lot of comfort knowing that three people benefitted from organ donations, and in the early days that knowledge got the family through it. We have received letters from 2 of the recipients and they are living full and healthier lives. What a difference he made and it makes me proud to say I am his sister. I went into teaching to make a difference, but as part of the bigger picture I will never, ever, ever make THAT kind of difference.

Right that’s enough of the personal stuff and back to the point – not that I’m sure I ever write these blog posts, with a point in mind! Now where was I? Oh yes, I’ve been busy (but then haven’t we all) and thought I’d share an idea that stems from a request from Billy Adamson (@Billyads_47) who asked if I could tweak one of the Top 40 resources, to include some of his ideas. Basically I’ve incorporated some of the basic “knowledge” that students need to know before attempting a range of angle fact exam questions (primarily in relation to alternate and corresponding angles). I love the idea of including a section on the exam questions that tests the “you must know this” information and is something I may update our “exam questions by topic” to include at some point. I’ve added it to my “to-do” list to look at over the Summer (along with my self marking excel versions of the exam questions).

For now you can find the file here and I’m putting this one along with any more I put together ,in the teacher toolkit on JustMaths Online. If you’re wondering when you’d use this kind of thing: I use it with my one-to-one students, and also as homework with my year 11’s in the lead up to their exams. Which reminds me, I meant to blog about “My Homework Hell” and how I’m going to deal with it. Well, that’ll have to wait until the weekend now,  along with several other posts (I’ve also got draft blogs about Maths in Shangai, using iDoceo, marking in maths, what we’re doing now early entry is gone, celebrating success, the role of observations and so much more!!) that are sat in my draft folder. I promise to finish the homework hell post, but right now I’m off to do some more marking of homework!!

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Angle facts image 2