1.1This morning I’ve finished marking my year 11 mocks (well! I say finished … I mean I’ve marked the non calculator paper … the 2nd paper isn’t until Monday) and whilst overall they are pretty good, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to do some deliberate practice with them to keep the “bread and butter” topics fresh in the minds of these groups – they’re the ones that have been doing past papers as homework (Homework and AFL). That seems to be having an impact with those students for which homework is done regularly. However, there are certain students in these two groups, that when they hand the homework in, it’s obvious that they have done something but nowhere near enough for my liking – it’s also never that little that I can follow it up with  any consequences.

So this morning I’ve decided I want something that I can give them as a starter EVERY lesson but which over a series of weeks gets progressively harder, BUT has the same type of questions, so that they can refer back to the previous week for hints if they need a hint … basically I want something that forces them (for want of a better phrase) to do some deliberate practice. I have spent some time looking and came across Mr Collins’  Table Sheets and I would have loved to have been able to use them, but they just didn’t fit the bill as I suspect they are better suited for more than the 5-10 minutes that I want to devote to it (they are seriously brilliant though!). Basically I want something short and sweet that doesn’t dominate the rest of the lesson, but don’t necessarily want to “teach” these topics as discrete lessons, just get the students to regularly practice them!

Next weeks starters for year 11s will then consist of 1 of these sheets per lesson, so every week they will get the same 30 topics, and then next weekend I will use the templates to change the questions slightly and build in some progression over time too – I’m going to get them to swap sheets and put the answers on the screen too so that the whole thing isn’t going to take over my lesson (I do expect the first lesson to take longer than subsequent starters). I’ve shown the sheets in the pic above and the links to the w/sheets are below. I’ve also put together a little table for them to stick in the front of their books to record their marks every lesson .. lets see if this “little but often” approach has an impact  on these topics when we do the next (and final … eeek!!) assessment ** not holding my breath **

I’ve made a couple of changes (1) I’ve added a little number to the top right of each sheet signifying the week/lesson it relates to i.e. 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 and (3) I’ve included 2 identical sheets so that you can print “2 to a page” and then photocopy them, as an A4 sheet for each student just seems extravagant, alternatively you can just print as normal and print page 1.

  • Week 2 Lesson 1 W/sheet 2.1 here
  • Week 2 Lesson 2 W/sheet 2.2 here
  • Week 2 Lesson 3 W/sheet 2.3 here
  • Week 3 Lesson 1 W/sheet here
  • Week 3 Lesson 2 W/sheet 3.2 here
  • Week 3 Lesson 3 W/sheet 3.3. here
  • Week 4 Lesson 1 W/sheet here  (NB – it doesn’t ask for a key on the stem & leaf but I’d expect them to do it anyway!)
  • Week 4 Lesson 2 W/sheet here
  • Week 4 Lesson 3 W/sheet here

The below have all been sent to me by Carole Sharp on behalf of the Northern United Learning Academies – she has basically cajoled persuaded loads of fab maths teachers across these schools to produce more of the “bread and butter” worksheets, and so (as the song goes) “with a little help from my friends” the next 4 weeks sheets are ready to go .. This is just indicative of how we can produce so much more with collaboration and so many people are benefitting from these worksheets.

  • Week 5 Lesson 1 W/sheet here
  • Week 5 Lesson 2 W/sheet here
  • Week 5 Lesson 3 W/sheet here
  • Week 6 Lesson 1 W/sheet here
  • Week 6 Lesson 2 W/sheet here
  • Week 6 Lesson 3 W/sheet here
  • Week 7 Lesson 1 W/sheet here
  • Week 7 Lesson 2 W/sheet here
  • Week 7 Lesson 3 W/sheet here
  • Week 8 Lesson 1 W/sheet here
  • Week 8 Lesson 2 W/sheet here
  • Week 8 Lesson 3 W/sheet here
  • Week 9 Lesson 1 W/sheet here
  • Week 9 Lesson 2 W/sheet here
  • Week 9 Lesson 3 W/sheet here
  • NEW Week 10 Lesson 1 W/sheet here
  • NEW Week 10 Lesson 2 W/sheet here
  • NEW Week 10 Lesson 3 W/sheet here
  • NEW Week 11 Lesson 1 W/sheet here
  • NEW Week 11 Lesson 2 W/sheet here
  • NEW Week 11 Lesson 3 W/sheet here
  • NEW Week 12 Lesson 1 W/sheet here
  • NEW Week 12 Lesson 2 W/sheet here
  • NEW Week 12 Lesson 3 W/sheet here
  • NEW Week 13 Lesson 1 W/sheet here


Fundamental Friday

You guys continually amaze me, with your willingness to share. I was contacted last week by Richard Whitehouse (from All Saints Academy Plymouth) and we came to the conclusion that we are both brilliant … actually the phrase was “great minds think alike”, so had nothing to do with us being brilliant and he offered to share with me the “Fundamental Friday” worksheets that they introduced last week which covers all those “need to know topics”.  The first one is below, and as and when I get more I’ll add them to the post too!