newlogicThe idea was to spend some time doing some planning today and as you do, I’ve spent most of the time doing anything OTHER than planning – I’m trying to justify to myself that organising resources isproductive, but I’m sure I’d be able to convince anyone else. I have however found another couple of logic starter worksheets that I’d made, and so thought it would be the ideal time to put them all on one post for anyone that’s interested.

I’ve also added them to the JustMaths dropbox – if you want access mail me

Getting students into a routine at the start of every lesson is a must – behaviour will always be a focus for me (I make no apologies for it, as its just a fact!) as I am quite laid back and know that unless I get the students doing straight away there could be loads of time wasted every lesson, so I’ve tried the following with all of my groups, which appears to be working (and I have written about it before, but just in case you haven’t seen it!).  Of the 3 lessons a week:

  • Starter 1 is a literacy based starter where my classes compete against each other every week to list as many maths words as they can for a specific letter of the alphabet – I take a photo of the lists of words using my phone and then announce a winner the following week (I’ve shown an example below).
  • Starter 2 has been a different logic style problem. I intend to carry on with these – with some groups I have to “handhold” and give concrete strategies to them and with others they’re just on the case from the get-go and are obviously used to this kind of thing.
  • Starter 3 is a freestyle starter that could be anything! It just allows me a bit of freedom to use something that is topic-specific once a week with the groups.

literacy starter