square eyedTime is seriously flying. December is here and there are 3 weeks of this half term left, yet I feel that we haven’t had time to breathe, let alone make plans. Last week was another busy one: I was out on Monday (funeral!), JustMaths meeting Tuesday evening, we hosted an Edexcel Maths Network meeting on Wednesday, year 12 parents evening on Thursday and in the blink of an eye its Sunday!

Amidst that I’ve managed to put together my end of term pub quiz, and another logic starter (here) – this time a visual one. The answer  … look away now if you don’t want to know … is 15 and 25 (5 squares for each new square drawn).

Next week is going to be pretty hectic too – interviews etc are taking place on Monday and Tuesday for a new Headteacher (ours is retiring this year),  year 11 parents evening is on Thursday and I am fully booked – having a set 1 and a set 2 has its disadvantages. And the following week learning walks are taking place … it’s relentless.

The school at which we work is expecting “the call” and don’t we know it! A few local schools have received visits recently and it feels a bit like the “sharks are circling”, but to be honest I just want to get it over and done with. I like to think that most of the stuff we do is with the student in mind, first and foremost and if it “ticks a box” then its a brucey bonus rather than doing something because it “ticks a box”, but the longer the waiting goes on, the more I can sense the latter possibly creeping in. I’ve said for a while now that teaching is one of those jobs, that if you wanted to, you can always find something to do – whether its tinkering with a lesson, or sorting resources or even marking – its not like other jobs, where once something is finished you move on. I’ve started reminding myself that “Good enough, REALLY is good enough” and now have to stop looking for things that aren’t “just so”. Have a good week!!