quizThis Autumn term is whizzing by, and even though it’s thought to be the toughest term of the year I won’t allow myself to start wishing my life away by waiting for the next holiday and counting down the days. This is part of the reason why I kick against starting any kind of Christmas countdown – especially in November!!

However, it suddenly dawned on me that for some schools, next week is their last week of teaching before Christmas – my mother in law is a house matron at a large public school and retires soon, which is what reminded me … so here you are  (here) … my Christmas Pub Quiz. As per my previous quizzes, I’m going to let the students choose their teams and team names and have a big scoreboard on my drywipe whiteboard and it’ll be a nice way to end the term. I’ve left one of the rounds in as a sports round – a couple of my groups are quite boy-heavy and its my attempt to keep them engaged.

… bah humbug!!