Mrs Ms Most WantedI’ve been doing exam feedback with my year 11’s and today they blew me out of the water with how enthusiastic they got for a barmy idea – I’d magpied it originally from twitter … and its going to help me with a new display too.

The idea is that one of my boards is a “Mrs Ms Most Wanted” board … “for crimes against Maths”. Basically the  majority of the students agreed to have their photos taken criminal style holding up the mistake that they know they shouldn’t have made in their recent assessment – and if they didn’t want to be involved they didn’t have to. It was done on the proviso that I got involved and luckily enough I’m looking as well as I feel (which isn’t good to be honest), since I am full of cold, so worked really well.

Photos all done, (and the usual checks about who can and can’t be photographed) just need to sort out the title posters (in American mid 1800s saloon style font) and also a quirky disclaimer which will state “No animals or students were hurt during this performance” and then some credits with chief photographer / security guard  etc”. Hopefully I’ll get this finished this week and will pop some photos on the blog when its done … excited!