SOWI have an idea … what would it be like to have a SOW that includes all the best bits from all the best schemes of work that other people have developed over the years but is fit for using with the new Key Stage 4 content?

Once the full assessment criteria and exam specifications are published I’d be really interested in pooling ideas with other teachers across the country and trying to develop something that is truly collaborative – it just makes sense, as rewriting SOWs will be going on, up and down the country and we could save everyone some time, but still have ownership of the structure/content and order of topics.

Are you any of you up for this? Or am I just mad?

I am happy to be the point of contact for collating ideas, and I am hoping most of this can be done via email/twitter/blogs. In terms of timescales I am suspecting it is likely to be January/February onwards. Once we’ve got a format for the content of the SOW, and we agree the overall order and structure, I’d envisage splitting it into topics that people can develop the content for all ability levels (on that specific content area) before combining the whole lot, and cross referencing it.

No immediate rush, but please do mail me if you’re interested …