It’s the eve of another half term, and wow what a couple of months it has been. We’ve seen the demise of early entry for lots of schools, and then this week, we’ve had a small announcement with the new subject content at Key Stage 4. With all the hullaballoo surrounding this, it means that I am really looking forward to our maths collaborative meeting on Wednesday 27th November – the update specifically from Edexcel should be very interesting and I am hoping that some fears will be allayed about timescales for implementation … watch this space!

A bit closer to home for me, the last two months has seen the hits per day on the blog, peak at nearly 2000, and I have been blown away by the response from teachers up and down the country.  This week I’ve managed to get some planning done, put a load of resources onto JustMaths Online, and also started to get my “to do” list sorted … that doesn’t mean I’ve ticked everything off, just that I now have a sort of list, and am feeling (sort of) ready for the next 7 weeks … good luck to you all, and remember to enjoy it!!