york minster2I’ve had a weekend off, visiting York and also got to meet up with some tweeters in real life (** waves to @Missradders, @El_Timbre, @MrsDenyer and 2 mini-geeks in training**) and driving home it got me thinking about how this was even possible. 

If someone said to me 12 months ago, that I would be on Twitter, blogging, and other teachers would be using my resources I would have suspected that they were slightly mad. On Friday, my year 11 group came lumbering into my room and it was obvious that they were expecting one of my quizzes – I had to explain that I only do them for end of terms and not piddly holidays like half term! One of them then told me that a friend that goes to a different school locally will be ever so disappointed as she was expecting a quiz too today … it turns out that they’d had a conversation about their maths lessons and my student was quite proud of the fact that that it was her teacher that made the quizzes and they had both assumed that with it being the end of term (half term!!) they would both have the same quiz as each other. It turns out that another local school, uses my stuff quite often … I know who you are … if you are reading this! I am flattered!  

I still find it a little bit mental that people use what I put together, and actually read this drivvle sometimes (but over 1000 hits a day (peaking at 1965 hits!) mean that I must be doing something right). To be honest there are usually about 4 or 5 posts in my draft folder that I dip in and out of and some may never see the light of day, but most of the time, I just post what I am thinking at that point in time and this is one of those times … there isn’t really a point to the post, just to say I feel very lucky to have met (I’m including those I’ve met virtually too!) some wonderful people, who are so willing to share ideas, offer advice. and also just to have “the craic” with. To you all, I say Thank You and I salute you!