Its Friday night and most of you don’t want to even think about work … but I want to pick some brains about how other schools deal with the teaching at KS5.

 I have tried to explain what we do, twice now and even got myself confused so am going to refer to the four teachers as A, B, C and D:

– Year 12 core is taught by A and B – the applied modules are taught by either C or D (Decision or Mechanics)

Year 13 core is taught by C and D – the applied module is taught by A (Stats) .

We do it this way, as that’s the way its always been done and it also includes teacher preference to some extent – in our faculty meeting today we were having a discussion about whether there is any merit in whoever teaches set 1 in year 11, teaching year 12 core and then following them through into year 13 – building on the positive relationships that we have with these sets. It would mean taking some of us out of our comfort zone, so for example I would teach year 12 core next year (as I have a set 1 in year 11) and have only taught C3 and C4 for a couple of years. We spent some time discussing the pros and cons and came to the conclusion that we were going to investigate what others do and also come back to review it in the Summer when we do the teaching allocations.

Would be interested to know what other schools do … leave me a comment below or drop me a mail :