online mainWow! Fize has been busy … apparently he’s had to do some “coding” to get the teachers resources folders looking the way I wanted them … and yes I am THAT particular…

So … there are two levels of login:

1) for students. This gives them access to worksheets, worked solutions and  Seagers’ tutorials. I’m saying it again: he is a Ninja teacher – much of the results in maths at the school, at which we work – we’ve gone from being in the 40’s to now 2 years running in the 80’s (A* to C) and smashing FFT is down to him. As we develop the functional skills / multi-step questions resources and tutorials we’ll be adding them online too, so its not just about the Top 40 topics.

student wsheets

 2) for teachers/maths departments. We’re not just about providing you with clips (even though they are quality and highlight all the different quirks to expect on each of the topics – they aren’t just short clips they are really in-depth). There is a whole section of teaching resources to support teachers in teaching these topics; in addition to the student stuff, we’ve included lots of great worksheets and there’s more: for each topic there are exam questions by topic (and worked solutions) .

teacher area

As we develop new worksheets and tutorials, now that we have the technology they will be added to the online version, so this site will be kept up to date, which means that as we start to feel the impact of the inevitable changes to the curriculum and exams we are perfectly set up to react to these changes. Additionally I like to think we are all about the personal touch – we are after all, teachers like you (and if you aren’t a teacher reading a maths teaching blog I have to ask … why??) and if there is a topic that others think needs including we can consider it and not have to go through layers of bureaucracy … we are after all just three normal teachers.

UPDATE: The plan is that the teachers toolkit is developed even further and I’m going to add all the resources I’ve ever made (obviously not the rubbish ones!) to the teacher toolkit organised by topic … even if they aren’t part of the Top 40 topics that we’d focus on with our intervention groups, or as revision.