M1 results plusJust wondering if its worth an investment of my time in putting together similar templates that can be used for Edexcels (for Summer 2013) C1, C2, M1, and S1 papers … in view of the fact that there are now no longer any January exams, understanding strengths and weaknesses from the end of year 12 will become increasingly important … anyway, would love to know what you think… 

As a starting point I’ve put together the attached template for M1 (as I teach that!!) from the June paper, but I’ve done it with a difference in that I have put on the actual questions from the paper … so unfortunately is 3 (I know, I know, I am being extravagant) pages. …. I think I like it. There are also some very basic instructions too. Please do let me know whether this is something you’d use were I to do it for the other papers too.

I have added this to dropbox and as usual if you want an invite … mail me : mel@justmaths.co.uk

POST SCRIPT: Based on the response on Twitter (I love, love, love Twitter!) I’m going to put together similar for C1, C2, S1 and D1 for the June 2013 series … watch this space.

UPDATE: Core 1 template is here … Core 2 template is here

UPDATE 2: and finally here is the Statistics 1 template (courtesy of Susan Verity who did most of the work, and I just made some minor tweaks … thank you!!)