There are THREE of us involved in JustMaths ….. trust me (I’m a maths teacher!) there are definitely three of us …

1. There’s me!

2. Many of you that drop by this blog met Seager (sorry I should call him Christian, but can’t bring myself to do it … he’s just Seager!)  last weekend when he presented at the Edexcel Excellence in Maths conference in Warwick. His workshop was all about “Successful intervention at KS4” at which, he is a black belt ninja!

3. Finally there is Fize … he does exist … honestly! In fact he has been busy working away in the background developing an online version of the Top 40 for both teachers and students to access. My verdict so far is that the structure works really well, but needs prettying up; the next step is to add some more content so that it replicates the disk versions which will be done in the next week or so and then we’ll be getting some schools to trial it from September.

Exciting times ahead.