Summer quizI am not wishing my life away, but like to get prepared for my end of term pub quiz quite early – I usually do one at the end of every term and it goes down really well. This one is “summer” themed and ticks lots of cross curricular boxes but also includes a lateral thinking round so I can say that it does include some “maths” content.  I let the students choose their teams (the one day of the year that they get to choose who to sit with) and put a score board on my whiteboard and it goes down really well.

Every time I put these together I am reminded of my NQT year when I was asking the students for their team names and one student said “write this Miss … Norfolk” and then he said ” write the word ‘and’ then the last word is ‘clue'” … sorry but I fell for it, and it wasn’t until half way through the lesson when I said it VERY loud did I realise I’d been set up.

It may still get tweaked between now and the end of term but here it is…. enjoy!

I’ve also added this and other recent resources to the “ReviseJustMaths” dropbox – which if you want  to be get access to – drop me a mail and I’ll send you an invite.