Publication1STOP THE PRESSES!! I’ve updated this post to include a set of Top Trumps for division too!

I thought I’d share these … and I know its a very simple topic for secondary (and the resources are equally suited to primary) but for some of my students – especially at KS3 – I like to get them to practise their times tables as a precursor to certain topics. In the past I’ve found that some of them tend to get frustrated when their basic numeracy lets them down and they then become convinced that they are unable to grasp that topic, when in fact that’s not the case.

I’ve just this morning made a complimentary set to go with these that you can use on their own or combine both sets – the pedagogy behind this additional set is that it will help the students understand the multiplicative nature of their times tables and the relationship between multiplying and dividing.

When I am busy I know that I see lots of fab ideas and then can’t find them when I want to use the idea, so I’ve also put these on the FREE STUFF page along with all the other resources.