top trumpsWhilst top trumps are probably designed for younger children, I like to use them as a consolidation activity for various topics. Yesterday someone on twitter suggested that I make some for A level so I’ve put the attached together on simultaneous equations, solving inequalities, gradient between two points and also rearranging equations in the form ax + by + c = 0 to find the gradient. Its a tough set of cards! … As they are for my “maturer” students I’ve gone with a famous mathematician theme.( Core 1 Top Trumps)

Possibly also useful for A/A* students at GCSE – were I to use them with my top sets I’d probably give each student just one card (the same card) to start with, explore what they can remember about each topic, and then give them each another card dependent upon their ability (and even maybe let them choose) for them to calculate all four values independently, and once correct I’d start pairing them up to play Top Trumps properly.

Remember these cards are differentiated so I let them play with either Red/Orange or Orange/Green, or introduce the green cards once they have got the basics – there are literally loads of different ways to use them.

I’ve also added them to the free stuff page along with all the other fab stuff there!