oh wow! what a busy day … but look what I’ve  made revision connect 4

1. Two connect 4 style worksheets (Revision 1 – Connect 4 and Revision 2 – Connect 4) for revision that can either be used by individual students or as a whole class activity on the board at the start of a lesson. I am going to produce a series of these that include a few topics on each with increasingly more difficult questions on them so that they can’t just answer the easy ones in order to connect 4. (Don’t forget that it must be 4 connected in the answer grid not the question grid).

averages top trumps2. A set of averages top trumps … not any old ordinary set. (Averages – Top Trumps). Averages is a topic that students invariably get mixed up, and as a result I tend  teach them all at the same time and really explore ways in which they can recall “which is which”. It was this that I kept in mind when putting the attached together – rather than each card being dedicated to finding say the median of different sets of numbers, I wanted them to have to find the different averages from the same list of numbers. Hopefully this will make them stop and think about what each average is … Additionally I’ve also thought about how this could build up to some challenge and so the green set includes a few stem and leaf diagrams and also frequency tables.


I have added all three of these resources to our free stuff page which is slowly building up with a cross section of resources for a variety of topics …