enlargementsI know I posted this morning, but this is my usual mid-week “bullet-point” blog.

Last week I updated a match card activity for transformations (which is ace I might add!) and today I’ve ended up designing 4 collective memory posters for transformations, which can also be used for homework, exit cards or plenary activities … whatever takes your fancy really.

My afternoon went like this:

1. Search for collective memory posters on the usual sites to go with my match cards.

2. Can’t find anything that is quite what I want or even close to be honest – and nothing that can be adapted!

3. End up downloading 2 tarsia puzzles for indices – print off 15 copies and check 1 set before laminating. BOTH sets have mistakes on … arrrghhhh!!!

4. Remind myself that is why I end up making my own worksheets: a) they are never quite right b) they are sometimes full of mistakes

5. Tell myself to “get a life

4. Designed 4 collective memory posters for transformations …

5. Tried to go to my allotment but when I asked my hubbie to pop my fruit loaf in the oven when it had proved, the look of horror on his face was enough to tell me to stay and do it myself…

Rant over.