bidmasI am loving the idea of these connect 4 worksheets … and the fact that they are self-checking too is fab!!.

I’ve put the attached (BIDMAS – Connect 4 – Wsheet) together for my year 9 sets next week as a refresher activity and to get them thinking about maths after their break too. Its the first time that they will have done this activity so its an ideal introduction – I do find that if some of these┬ástudents can’t access the maths involved they become convinced that they don’t understand what they need to do, so with these two groups I need to introduce new activities to them slowly.

The holidays are just whizzing by, but I have made loads of fab resources and have collated exam questions from various exam boards for 40 topics, and I really enjoyed doing the solutions for these exam questions too #mathsgeek.

If you are returning to teach next week, or have in fact gone back this week make sure you check out the FREE STUFF page for inspiration and ideas.