Connect 4 … Percentage of an amount

connect 42I’ve been busy planning some lessons this morning while I’m waiting for it to warm up a bit before an afternoon of digging on my allotment (Yes! I have an allotment, get over it!!) and I’m exploring how to make boring old worksheets a bit more exciting, that also incorporates some higher order thinking and paired working.

With this in mind I’ve put together more “Connect 4” style worksheets, where the students have to answer the question in the question grid BUT connect 4 answers in the answer grid, I’ve put some logic behind it so that in order to connect 4 they can’t just answer the easy questions, which in this case (Percentage of an Amount – Connect 4 – Wsheet) would be 10%’s, so this will stop some of the students choosing to do only things that they find easy.

Would love to know how this goes if any of you use it …

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