Exam solutionsTwo things have come together this week that have sort of morphed into a nice little revision activity. I’ve been working on exam questions by topics and this developed into producing them with written answers on too … the ones for two way tables are here (Exam Qs and with solutions) . I’ve quite enjoyed putting these solutions together and have also annotated them with hints and tips as I’ve gone along.

Making these got me thinking about how students could use  the blank ones  for revision other than the obvious “homework”. So I thought that I would try an exercise where the students are given a Blank Mark scheme template and they have to develop a mark scheme – we actually did this with the two way tables questions and was really well received. I introduced them to the formal marking notation and explained the task on this powerpoint (Two way tables – markscheme activity) which was adapted from something I used for A level.

Many of the students spent some time thinking about where mistakes could be made, and what credit should be given for any working out… definitely something I want to try again, possibly as a plenary activity for a different topic.