top trumpsI thought I’d mix it up a bit this week, and instead of a midweek “bullet point blog” I’m going to be a bit rash and do a weekend  “bullet-point” blog, I know! that’s just how I roll! … Living life on the edge, pushing the envelope … blah, blah, blah …

Actually its just that there is so much going on, so here goes:

– I’m trying to keep to a self imposed deadline (well! not self imposed but “self-agreed” as I did agree to it, at the time!) on a major project.

– Attached latest Maths Top Trumps for solving equations with a superhero theme – to be honest I am quite proud of these  (Top Trumps – Solving equations.) Have been putting a few of these together recently … so watch this space.

– Snowbound all weekend, and going a bit stir crazy!! Dad not well and struggling to accept that he won’t get better – he is 88 and has dementia AND to make it worse he’s in a nursing home 100 miles away so its not that simple to just nip and see him.

– On the plus side a couple of milestones were hit  this week too – 22,000 views on this site since mid Jan (WOW! WOW! WOW! that’s only 2 months!!) and we hit 400 followers on Twitter (**waves**) ..

– Next newsletter is due this weekend, and will be full of exciting news and also a reminder that its my Birthday (2nd April) if anyone’s interested.

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