SURDSIt would appear that the “busyness” that is teaching means that the only post I get a chance to do midweek is a bullet point one. So here goes…

1. A level January exam results out today – not too bad. A couple of surprise but that’s at both ends of the spectrum.

2. Dads move to nursing home seemed ok. Not ready to sort the house out yet.

3, GCSE maths exams finished Monday .. also not too bad for us. Our students were well prepared.

4. The power of twitter continues to astound me with people sharing ideas and support.

5. Busy putting final touches to a collection of different “exam questions by topic” ..

6. in the meantime have used theĀ attached this week… I’ve produced it with 2 identical pages so I can print “2 to a page” to save me having to then shrink it when photocopying ..

Will be back the weekend with more …