Exam questionI know it isn’t what really happens, but in the deepest darkest months of the year it sometimes feels like “Teach – test – mark – teach – test –mark”.

This is not a gripe about assessment or the amount we test out students as I genuinely think that we have the right balance, but we’ve been looking at tweaking the assessment with our “intervention” groups, to enable them to become more aware of what they need to do to improve. The idea is that they are able to assess their own understanding of key topics through past exam questions that they are either given as homework or to work on independently.

There are some sites out there are that have collated questions by topic, but this is limited to certain topics, and also certain exam boards.  So, with this in mind I have been busy putting together single topic based questions from various exam boards.  Having done quite a few of these I know that the style of question for certain topics does change between exam boards, but I believe that our students should be exposed to the different formats as it will equip them for not only the exam, but more importantly real-life where they have to apply their knowledge to different scenarios.

There will be at least 40 different topics (I suspect that this could be doubled! but I’m not thinking about it!), and the intention is to keep them updated after each exam session. In the meantime have a look at the ones here (for Trial and Improvement) and here (for Simultaneous Equations).

I have also just finished circle theorems, and this appears to be a popular revision topic (especially on Twitter!) …  HERE I have purposely left the pictures quite large as it helps for the students to get used to annotating them.

**UPDATE These are now being added to the “free stuff” page so make sure you keep checking for updates**