We use Edexcel as our chosen exam board at our school – both higher and foundation. Partly because the data we can obtain from them of each individuals performance is superb. This information is from their ResultsPlus service, which I know many schools use. However, we have found that their online system was quite cumbersome and also took up several pages for each student, so a couple of years ago I developed a template that I update each sitting that prints the results onto one page and is complete with traffic light colour coding for each question. The ability to print on ONE PAGE is brilliant  (and in the current economic climate … every little helps)  – its easy to produce and the students can see at a glance their performance.

The templates I have attached here are for the Higher  (Nov Results plus – HIGHER) and the Foundation paper (Nov Results plus – FOUNDATION) is for the November 2012 (1MAO GCSE Mathematics A) sitting and I have also included instructions (07 – ResultsPlus Instructions) as to how to import your own schools’ data into it.

I’ve just had a thought … if anyone out there, using a different exam board can send me an example of the raw data that they are able to get for their cohort I can put together something similar for them to – just contact me through the contact page.