I’ve put the attached worksheet together for PRODUCT OF PRIME FACTORS. We have been using similar differentiated worksheets for a while at school, and I am trying to put them together for most KS3 and KS4 topics; the idea is that they get progressively harder and you allow the students to make the decision as to whether they want more practice at a particular level (in which case they work across the sheet then down to the next level) or if they want to just move onto the next level (i.e. from M1 to M2, then M3 etc). As a teacher you can instantly check progress by asking the class periodically to write on mini whiteboards where they are e.g. M1 b or S2 a …. some topics lend themselves to having an additional table with the answers on that the student cross out, and if the answer isn’t in the box, they know they haven’t quite got it right.

Once you’ve tried this with a class and they understand the way it works, they like the fact that they are able to manage their own progress through a lesson. With this one I am going to put together the answers on the board and then reveal them a bit at a time so that we can all check our answers together.