Two days off work and I’ve managed to get my Christmas pressie shopping done in less than an hour, which is a record for me … what’s even more amazing is the fact that my husband was with me too, and he hates shopping. I have no idea how I managed to persuade him it would be a good idea!

I wish I could switch off when I pass through the school gates, but I find that it takes me a couple of days to wind down, so today I’ve also managed to mark 2 sets of test papers, and prepared a few resources for the start of next term. On the back of the tests I’ve marked (ooh I love a bit of summative assessment!) I’ve put together a nice little worksheet to review factors, multiples and primes, complete with answers.

Tomorrow we head down the M40 to spend Christmas Day with our godchildren – Madison and Vinnie – which is always great fun.  So this is me, signing off and wishing you all a Merry Christmas.