How do you incorporate some of the higher-order thinking skills into a lesson about two-way tables? Rather than just getting the students to do “more of the same” I have produced the attached activity that initially involves them completing a worksheet with five partially completed tables, but they then have to use this information to evaluate some statements, which does get them thinking about what the information in the table actually represents. The teacher answer sheet has been colour coded and includes the correct numbers to help me see at a glance if the students are correct.

I am also in the process of extending this activity into a “whodunnit” style of activity that will involve the students drawing their own tables from worded questions and then subsequently evaluating statements to find out where and when the crime was committed. We’ve noticed that many of the exam boards have moved away from simple, complete the table style questions – in fact many of these questions don’t even mention the words “two-way table” and so the extended task is going to include lots of these style of questions.

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