It really is beginning to look like and feel like Christmas everywhere else apart from my little piece of the Midlands. I have this evening thought about getting my Christmas decorations out of the loft – it hasn’t happened but the thought was there, and if that happens I might get to send my neighbours the Christmas cards that I wrote last year but never actually sent. (I may have actually wrote them 2 years ago, and didn’t send them that year either!?!?)

Don’t get me wrong I am no Scrooge – I love Christmas! In fact I have this weekend put the attached Christmas themed activity together, as a nice little bell activity. Students are to match the  statements to reveal a sentence that continues the “ever wondered why…” phrase, with  “Cinderella can’t play football”. If you do use it you’ll need to know that its because she had a pumpkin for a coach.

Well!! I thought it was funny!!