Used this site today with my year 9’s and they had a brilliant time. It was refreshing to see some of the students engaging with maths in a positive way – the competition between classmates really spurred some of them on and knowing that they had been entered into the county wide (Worcestershire) contest was an added challenge for them too.

Initially I was a bit dubious about how much maths was going on with some of the students as there just appeared to be lots of random clicking of objects on the screen, and when the answer was incorrect they did not appear to reflect on this. However I brought the class together and we discussed the differing levels of accuracy that were being attained within the group and how this was more important than being the first to finish the game. This really focussed them and we saw a marked improvement across the group.

To hear some of them say that they will be playing at home tonight as they want to move up the leader board was inspiring.

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