Iof course I could have printed in colour ... a have been teaching one of my groups the relationship between length, area and volume scale factors. Yesterday they grasped the fact that the area and volume is not scaled up by the same factor as the lengths of the sides. Today I wanted to move them onto being able to find the length or area scale factor from the volume scale factor (and vice versa) and to then answer quite complex problems involving these skills.

From a quick search, most of the worksheets and activities that I found were plain old worksheets. I don’t do plain old anything!. To check their understanding of yesterdays lesson I put the attached Student puzzle together and they absolutely loved it!! Some of them needed a hint as to where to start (SOLUTION to Student puzzle )

They particularly enjoyed writing their names next to them and getting photos taken … they love the little display that I put together for the next lesson of them hard at work. It makes a great show when they are coming into my room – it really gets them in the right frame of mind.